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Poem: Somebody Pressed Pause

by release2succeed I wasn’t there when it happened so didn’t notice the years slide by as they moved forward and I sat still silent in my cell pleasant, dry and numb to the caterwauling wheels of everything drifting by. It only stings when you noticed, I found.


Ben Sturge If I’m an ex why am I having a difficult time moving on? Relationship problems you might be thinking? Well for the most part you would be correct. You see after my release from prison, like most do, I had realised my polyamorous relationship with

Re-Imagining the Use of Criminal Records in Europe

Andrew Henley In the context of the recent, but limited, reforms to the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act in England and Wales it is worthwhile considering different approaches to criminal record data which have been taken across continental Europe. To this end, I recently attended the 6th