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You Might have Won the Battles but I Won the War

Sophie Barton-Hawkins “LEAVE HER TO DIE”, the words uttered outside my cell supposedly out of earshot. Another suicide attempt. Just another day in HMP for me. Another 855 to go. My life was full of numbers. TG6992… Cell C1-17… 30 red entries… 10 days CC… 10 adjudications…all

Walk for Forgiveness

Frankie Owens My name is Frankie Owens I was prisoner A1443CA at Her Majesty’s Pleasure until 2nd August 2011. I suffered from a Bipolar disorder and it was this untreated illness that led to me going to prison. As a first time offender I had no idea

Review: Red Kite Production

A video produced by London training organisation, Red Kite Learning, has been produced, working with Inside Job Productions. Red Kite Learning describe the film as: “An innovative, interactive drama which aims to follow through the consequences of choices made by ex-offenders when looking for employment. The film

Poem: For Luther (28th June 2012)

And I have seen such beauty That does not insist desire But stead fast moves and darts In mind and bones Growing and flexing its new born soul. For though we all March wisely towards life’s shade Our hearts retain some majesty That replays the scenes of

Poem: Stepping Stones

One step at a time alone Out of this rage into a calm Out of the dark into the light Out of this box into the air Out of my dream into your heart Out of the gate into your arms One step at a time together.

Poem: Touching Hand

When I was little a hand used to touch me And I couldn’t run I grew up afraid of the dark Scared of being alone But I was fragile and little And I couldn’t run My uncle used to visit us He hugged me and took me

A window of opportunity

Interview with Christopher Syrus Chris Syrus is a young man on a mission. Raised in south London, he has spent time in prison, convicted at the age of 24. During his time in an open prison, Chris used every opportunity he could lay his hands on to

Poem: Bar None

Inside Out Upside Down A Mind in torment ‘hind a frown For my neighbour Not for me I’m okay, My thoughts are free. I read, I dream, Recall the good I run through fields Hide in woods I’m lucky For I have a friend Someone to have

Poem: An Ode to You (an ode to my friend)

No one single deed, No moment in time No simple descriptor Can clearly define No scales that could measure Nor words that could lend could capture the essence What makes a true friend? A friend is a person You know will walk in And stand by your

It’s Just a Different Challenge

by release2succeed So it’s Saturday evening… and back in the good old days plans would be being made for a serious session down the local followed by a decent Ruby Murray on the tramp home. Money not really an object but instead merely beer tokens and curry

Poem: Somebody Pressed Pause

by release2succeed I wasn’t there when it happened so didn’t notice the years slide by as they moved forward and I sat still silent in my cell pleasant, dry and numb to the caterwauling wheels of everything drifting by. It only stings when you noticed, I found.


Ben Sturge If I’m an ex why am I having a difficult time moving on? Relationship problems you might be thinking? Well for the most part you would be correct. You see after my release from prison, like most do, I had realised my polyamorous relationship with