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Lisa’s story

Lisa From living alone at 17, Lisa has just won a YJB prize for her youth work I was 17 when I got my own place. I was with a few mates before that, just sofas and that sort of thing, which was horrible because I never

J’s story

J J was a victim of gun crime, which he puts down to today’s street culture I got three shotgun wounds to my legs. I was on the street when a car randomly pulled up and men in balaclavas wound down the window and shot me. I

Damian’s story

Damian Damien is working with the CRAE to help improve conditions for young people in custody I got involved with the Children’s Rights Alliance because of my past experience of being in custody. I wanted to change that experience for people who go through it. I especially

Martin’s story

Martin From tough estates to TV, Martin says he now feels valued and listened to I was born in Manchester, but moved to Bradford when I was a baby and have been here all my life. I have some good and some bad memories of Bradford. Times

Zoe’s story

Zoe Zoe is hoping that her new home will give her stability I’ve moved quite a number of times in my life. I’m now on my 27th time and live in Huddersfield. I’ve lived in London four times, Scarborough, Blackpool, parts of Leeds, all over the place

Being heard

Ricky Sykes In a series of recorded interviews, User Voice’s Ricky Sykes gets a different look at the lives of the young people he works with One of the highlights of my work with User Voice so far has definitely been interviewing young people for this section

17 and homeless

Lucy Lucy was kicked out of home on her 17th birthday My mother and I have never had a good relationship; the difference in our personalities has always kept a brick wall between us. For years there’s been tension in our household and even months when my

Finding order after an order

Harley Harley writes about how a big decision in her teens led to a fulfilling role as an apprentice youth engagement worker through User Voice. I first realised I wanted to get into this type of job when I was on an order myself. I realised that working

POEM: This is my story

Look I ain’t God so I ain’t the creator I’m thinking of a time where there were no haters Where people could walk around with no fear Where kids could see their mums with no tears This is my story so please listen carefully Let someone want

Life beyond prison

Shauna When Shauna left prison she knew she would have to shed friends and stay motivated. After being sentenced to five years in prison at the age of 19, life beyond prison become hard to visualise. I am now 22 and have been out of prison for

User Voice at Children’s Commissioner Takeover Day 2012

Zak On Friday 23 November, Zak* was invited to take part in the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day, a national event which gives children and young people the chance to shadow jobs and have their voices heard A number of young people from around the country spent the

Review: Love Life 6958

Ella G reviews Love Life 6958: Memoirs from the Pen by Chris Syrus Life is a journey sometimes walked in light, sometimes in the dark. This book invites you on a journey into the heart of a man, Chris Syrus, who through his talent powerfully and effectively