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Poem – An Ode to Old Friends

I’ve not many left, My bridges I burned; I caused too much trouble, A lesson well learned. For you who stuck by me, And I’m amazed that you did; For the heartache I caused, I hope you’ll forgive. Don’t remember the fool I once truly was, I

Every house a home

Kazuri Kazuri holistically addresses the housing needs of women, now we need you to engage… Whitehall generated, generic housing policy fails vulnerable women already marginalised and disenfranchised by society. Existing mainstream policy encourages a culture of dependence because it looks at the client’s needs in isolation against

Sculpture – Bright Eyes

HMP & YOI Holloway Image courtesy of the Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

Pottery – Orange Squeezer

HMP Downview Image courtesy of Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

Fashion – My Journey Memory Bag

HMP & YOI Drake Hall, Mary Archer Platinum Award for Fashion Image courtesy of Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

Portrait – Modern Day Gio Conda

HMP Send Image courtesy of the Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

Clean Break

Lisa Jones I was born in Somerset to a fairly normal family, youngest out of five. It was a nice upbringing and materially we were okay. Initially I went to state school. But I started getting into trouble at 11 and 12 years old, smoking cannabis and

The day I lost my Id

Sarah Hastings The Freudian definition of id is the unorganized part of the personality structure that contains a human’s basic, instinctual drives. Life happens. Well at least we say it does. Truth is, life did just keep happening – to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not

More than just getting a job

Sarah Viney There is a never ending emphasis on the benefits of gaining employment especially when it comes to crime reduction. Increasing employability has become a mutual goal for those involved with sentence planning from the very beginning with questions surrounding previous employment in a ‘pre-sentence’ report,

Sarah’s Bag

Sarah’s Bag produce and sell feminine, fresh, and fashionable bags. For the past 11 years, owner Sarah Beydoun has made it her mission to work with women prisoners, providing them with opportunities that result in a steady income and a stable job after their release. Sarah realised


Deborah Sibley My name is Debs and I want to tell you about my story… By the time I was a teenager I had just about given up on my life. Having constantly clashed with my family throughout my teens I was eventually fostered by my best

From Prison Slop to Organic Sausages, the story of Giggly Pig

Tracey Mackness I was born in Essex and grew up with my family who had a fruit and veg stand. At an early age we were put to work on the market. My Dad was in and out of prison for   things such as hijacking lorries when