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Call for submissions, from the new co-editors

Richard & Tyler, Co-editors of theRecord theRecord is a free online magazine for law-abiding people with convictions. We are always on the lookout for interesting contributions by people who have a criminal record. Articles can be about people’s success stories, the struggles of living a law-abiding life

theRecord is back!

If you thought we’d been a little quiet recently, we hope we can make it up to you with the news that theRecord has gone live online! For the last few months we’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to build a brand new website that’s just aching for

It’s a long time a-comin’

IanC  Like an addict seeking their fix, the highs (and lows) of debating LASPO continue. Will it, won’t it? When? “I heard that . . .” and “I read on a website . . .” There follows a brief recap for those enraptured with government promises and

Poem – Last Chance Saloon

There’s time for a drink in the last chance saloon Oh dear brethren they will come for me soon Will it be this time the room with the bars Where I will try to patch up my scars Or maybe the Asylum beckons again There I can

DBS start filtering cautions and convictions

As some of you may have seen from the news, the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) has started, as of yesterday, a process of ‘filtering’ for cautions and convictions held on the Police National Computer.Today, we’ve published our own detailed guide on how the DBS filtering rules

A new lease of life

David Honeywell My recent book signing event at York’s Waterstones, where I was signing copies of my new autobiography, Never Ending Circles, gave me some time to reflect. Writing your life story really does bring about psychological and emotional changes inside you but little did I expect

“Every Saint has a Past, Every Sinner a Future”

Marilyn Wisbey My father played a part in the biggest robbery, in 1963. A moving train was held up and 2 and a half million pounds was taken in cash, was on its way to be burnt, 16 robbers were caught after, and Mr Big remains free.

Artist, Ex-Con…and a Real Hero

Erica Crompton A man with a criminal record who turned his back on a life of crime thanks to the power of art has seen his blooming brilliant work in the frame for the first time as part of an Olympic-themed campaign. Of reform, freelance artist Richard

Damaged and beyond repair

IanC A long time ago, when governments were still trying to work out ways to control mass populations, along came communism. This took the view that only the elite could control the masses. By the twenties and thirties, whole sections of the top UK Universities were filled

Prison doesn’t work according to judge

David Honeywell A judge recently caused outrage when while sentencing 26-year-old Richard Rochford for burglary, he said it was courageous to burgle someone’s home. Judge Peter Bowers The Teesside Crown Court judge also said he thought prison did criminals “little good”. His remarks sparked criticism and Prime

Poem – An Ode to Old Friends

I’ve not many left, My bridges I burned; I caused too much trouble, A lesson well learned. For you who stuck by me, And I’m amazed that you did; For the heartache I caused, I hope you’ll forgive. Don’t remember the fool I once truly was, I

Every house a home

Kazuri Kazuri holistically addresses the housing needs of women, now we need you to engage… Whitehall generated, generic housing policy fails vulnerable women already marginalised and disenfranchised by society. Existing mainstream policy encourages a culture of dependence because it looks at the client’s needs in isolation against