We categorise and tag posts to theRecord if they link to Unlock’s policy work or information.

Links to policy work

Unlock focuses on a number of key policy issues as part of its policy and campaign work. Making a close connection between personal stories and experiences posted on here is an important part of Unlock’s policy work.

The links below bring together (by using ‘categories’ on the site) all of the stories and experiences posted on here that can act as a case study for these key policy issues.

  1. Posts relating to pushing for further reform of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  2. Posts relating to challenging the DBS ‘filtering’ process as it doesn’t go far enough
  3. Posts relating to supporting and challenging employers in how they treat people with convictions
  4. Posts relating to stopping unlawful/ineligible DBS checks
  5. Posts relating to improving how the Disclosure & Barring Service works for people with criminal records
  6. Posts relating to stopping the sharing of spent motoring convictions by the DVLA
  7. Posts relating to stopping the ‘Google-effect’ with spent convictions
  8. Posts relating to scrapping the ‘Disqualification by association’ regulations that apply to primary schools and other non-domestic childcare settings
  9. Posts relating to enabling people with convictions to become trustees and run charities
  10. Posts relating to stopping enforced subject access requests
  11. Posts relating to stopping misleading questions asked by employers, insurers, housing providers and others
  12. Posts relating to promoting fair admission policies and practices by universities and colleges
  13. Posts relating to improving support for individuals with a criminal record to secure meaningful employment
  14. Posts relating to ensuring fair treatment by insurance companies
  15. Posts relating to maintaining access to open a basic account before release from prison
  16. Posts relating to encouraging fair treatment by housing providers

Links to information

Unlock provides information and advice on a number of areas. The links below bring together (using ‘tags’) all of the posts on here that link to that particular area.

  1. Posts relating to common occupations and professions
  2. Posts relating to convictions for sexual offences
  3. Posts relating to the Disclosure and Barring Service
  4. Posts relating to the DBS filtering process
  5. Posts relating to the disclosure of criminal convictions
  6. Posts relating to friendly employers
  7. Posts relating to getting work through recruitment agencies
  8. Posts relating to the ‘Google’ effect
  9. Posts relating to housing
  10. Posts relating to insurance
  11. Posts relating to looking for (and keeping) employment
  12. Posts relating to prison issues
  13. Posts relating to self-employment
  14. Posts relating to travelling abroad
  15. Posts relating to travelling to the USA
  16. Posts relating to being a trustee of a charity
  17. Posts relating to universities and colleges
  18. Posts relating to volunteering

Links to other areas of Unlock’s work

The links below bring together posts that are linked to other areas of Unlock’s work and campaigns.

  1. Posts relating to Ban the Box
  2. Posts relating to Fair Chance Recruitment
  3. Posts relating to Unlock events
  4. Posts relating to volunteering at Unlock

Links to the arts

The links below bring together examples of arts and poetry produced by people with convictions.

  1. Posts relating to book reviews
  2. Posts relating to the Koestler Trust
  3. Posts relating to poetry
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