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New York Times Editorial – A Criminal Record and a Fair Shot at a Job

This was originally published by the New York Times on the 13th November and we thought it would be of interest to people with convictions. A Criminal Record and a Fair Shot at a Job Nineteen states and 100 cities and counties forbid public agencies — and in some

Proof that there’s a rehabilitation period for restraining orders with no duration or time specified!

  Whilst answering enquiries for Unlock’s helpline I came across the following email from a client, which typifies the type of questions we often get asked.  This one relates to relevant orders which have ‘no specified end date’.   The following exchange between our client and Disclosure Scotland

Help us improve our online forum

Now that it’s 7 years old, we are working on giving our forum a bit of an update and we want to hear from people with convictions about what an updated forum would look like, and how it would work. Complete the survey here Find out more about

Help Unlock challenge employment discrimination

I wanted to post a piece to get readers of theRecord involved in a project that Unlock is running to challenge the employment discrimination faced by people with convictions. As part of this work, alongside supporting and challenging employers to develop good practice, we’re also looking for input

Retention of DNA profiles of people with convictions not illegal, supreme court rules

This was originally published in The Guardian.  Court rules in test case involving drink driver that storing a man’s DNA profile is proportionate interference with his right to privacy Retaining DNA profiles of convicted adults indefinitely is not an illegal breach of their privacy, the supreme court

Election 2015: UKIP backs candidate with criminal record

UKIP has said it “backs entirely” one of its general election candidates, despite him having a criminal record. Peter Bush, its candidate for Aberavon, has convictions for theft and arson, which are now spent. UKIP said Mr Bush had “paid his debt to society” and “changed his

Job hunting with a criminal record – New York Times Editorial

This was originally published by The New York Times. See the bottom of this post for more information. There is no dispute that far too many Americans carry the burden of a criminal record — at least 70 million, by recent estimates — or that the easy

Leeds United owner disqualified, but only until conviction becomes spent

There was an interesting article published in the FT recently. What I was particularly interested by was the fact that the disqualification was (rightly) limited until the conviction becomes spent, which since the changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act was reformed in March this year, only

Has Google removed any results for people with convictions?

Since the “right to be forgotten” ruling in May 2014, Unlock have been receiving copies of requests that people with convictions have been sending to Google. So far, every single one that they’ve seen has been rejected (unless the facts that have been reported have been inaccurate).

Confusion over DBS factsheets

Whilst working on the Unlock helpline I had an interesting query that I thought might be useful to share on here: It appears that, in relation to being ‘barred’ by the Disclosure and Barring Service, they have two ‘Factsheets’ surrounding whether or not someone should be placed

The Right to Forget

Editorial There’s an interesting debate in the air regarding the EU ruling on ‘the right to forget’. The EU has just passed legislation that allows individuals to block access to outdated information and stories. On one side, individuals who want hide information on the internet about the

Former MP and former prisoner Denis MacShane writes about the role of financial services in helping people released from prison

Denis MacShane, former MP and former prisoner, argues in a feature for this months’ Financial World magazine, that the financial services industry needs to do more to help discharged prisoners reintegrate into society. Thanks to Financial World, you can download the specific article here. The two main issues that Denis