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Poem – Nettle-Eater

from ‘The Life of Milarepa‘ by Thaye Dorje In my youth I committed black deeds. In maturity I practised innocence. To say more than this would only cause weeping and laughter. What good would it do to tell you? I am an old man. Leave me in

Poem – Last Chance Saloon

There’s time for a drink in the last chance saloon Oh dear brethren they will come for me soon Will it be this time the room with the bars Where I will try to patch up my scars Or maybe the Asylum beckons again There I can

Poem – An Ode to Old Friends

I’ve not many left, My bridges I burned; I caused too much trouble, A lesson well learned. For you who stuck by me, And I’m amazed that you did; For the heartache I caused, I hope you’ll forgive. Don’t remember the fool I once truly was, I

POEM: This is my story

Look I ain’t God so I ain’t the creator I’m thinking of a time where there were no haters Where people could walk around with no fear Where kids could see their mums with no tears This is my story so please listen carefully Let someone want

Poem: One Month In

The anger, the heartache, the pain, the despair, I look in her eyes, I see it all there The hurt I have caused, the promises broken, I see in her tears without words being spoken. The sound of her deep wracking sobs breaks my heart I know

Poem: For Luther (28th June 2012)

And I have seen such beauty That does not insist desire But stead fast moves and darts In mind and bones Growing and flexing its new born soul. For though we all March wisely towards life’s shade Our hearts retain some majesty That replays the scenes of

Poem: Stepping Stones

One step at a time alone Out of this rage into a calm Out of the dark into the light Out of this box into the air Out of my dream into your heart Out of the gate into your arms One step at a time together.

Poem: Touching Hand

When I was little a hand used to touch me And I couldn’t run I grew up afraid of the dark Scared of being alone But I was fragile and little And I couldn’t run My uncle used to visit us He hugged me and took me

Poem: Bar None

Inside Out Upside Down A Mind in torment ‘hind a frown For my neighbour Not for me I’m okay, My thoughts are free. I read, I dream, Recall the good I run through fields Hide in woods I’m lucky For I have a friend Someone to have

Poem: An Ode to You (an ode to my friend)

No one single deed, No moment in time No simple descriptor Can clearly define No scales that could measure Nor words that could lend could capture the essence What makes a true friend? A friend is a person You know will walk in And stand by your

Poem: Somebody Pressed Pause

by release2succeed I wasn’t there when it happened so didn’t notice the years slide by as they moved forward and I sat still silent in my cell pleasant, dry and numb to the caterwauling wheels of everything drifting by. It only stings when you noticed, I found.