Since the “right to be forgotten” ruling in May 2014, Unlock have been receiving copies of requests that people with convictions have been sending to Google. So far, every single one that they’ve seen has been rejected (unless the facts that have been reported have been inaccurate). However, there was an interesting article in the Telegraph last Friday suggesting that there has been a case relating to someone with a conviction who was successful.

Have you been successful in getting search results (or original content) removed on the basis that it’s “irrelevant, outdated or inappropriate”? We want to hear from you if you have.

We’re actively on the look out for any examples where Google (or another search engine) has agreed to remove information relating to convictions on the basis that it’s now irrelevant, outdated or inappropriate. Please send us the details.

For anybody who has been refused, we’re encouraging people to make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (see Unlock’s self-help information site for more about this).

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