Show your Conviction

This section provides a platform for people with convictions to get appreciation and recognition for the positive work they’ve done.

Things that we will be covering in this section includes photography, art, poetry, writing, examples of crafts. Basically, anything which showcases the abilities of people with convictions. This will hopefully help to showcase peoples talents, as well as encourage other people to show what is possible.

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Jim MacVeigh’s Pros and Cons: A review

Review by Richard, Co-editor True to its title, MacVeigh’s Pros and Cons crawls through the gutters of Bristol’s red light district, deprived estates and seedy inner-city bed-sits in a tale of misogynistic murders, street prostitution and drugs. Almost all of the female characters are on the game

Poem – Last Chance Saloon

There’s time for a drink in the last chance saloon Oh dear brethren they will come for me soon Will it be this time the room with the bars Where I will try to patch up my scars Or maybe the Asylum beckons again There I can

A new lease of life

David Honeywell My recent book signing event at York’s Waterstones, where I was signing copies of my new autobiography, Never Ending Circles, gave me some time to reflect. Writing your life story really does bring about psychological and emotional changes inside you but little did I expect

Poem – An Ode to Old Friends

I’ve not many left, My bridges I burned; I caused too much trouble, A lesson well learned. For you who stuck by me, And I’m amazed that you did; For the heartache I caused, I hope you’ll forgive. Don’t remember the fool I once truly was, I

Sculpture – Bright Eyes

HMP & YOI Holloway Image courtesy of the Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

Pottery – Orange Squeezer

HMP Downview Image courtesy of Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

Fashion – My Journey Memory Bag

HMP & YOI Drake Hall, Mary Archer Platinum Award for Fashion Image courtesy of Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

Portrait – Modern Day Gio Conda

HMP Send Image courtesy of the Koestler Trust Taken from Issue 17

POEM: This is my story

Look I ain’t God so I ain’t the creator I’m thinking of a time where there were no haters Where people could walk around with no fear Where kids could see their mums with no tears This is my story so please listen carefully Let someone want

Poem: One Month In

The anger, the heartache, the pain, the despair, I look in her eyes, I see it all there The hurt I have caused, the promises broken, I see in her tears without words being spoken. The sound of her deep wracking sobs breaks my heart I know