theRecord is an online magazine for law-abiding people with convictions. It’s all about stories and voices. It’s supported by Unlock, a charity for people with convictions.

The aims of theRecord are to:

  1. Provide a space for people with convictions to share their stories and experiences about living as a law-abiding person with convictions
  2. Give people with convictions hope and inspiration for the future, showing examples of what’s possible
  3. Feature news and opportunities relevant to people with convictions
  4. Provide people with convictions with a platform to share their views and promote the positive work they’ve done since their conviction(s).

There is a regular stream of personal stories, news and contributions. Email updates are sent out to subscribers to notify of new posts, articles and contributions.

theRecord started as Unlock’s monthly newsletter. It’s grown a lot since then, and today it’s more than just about what Unlock does as an organisation. Although it’s still hosted by Unlock, it’s very much about the stories and experiences of people with convictions.

If you’re interested in contributing, click here.

theRecord is partly maintained through the use of adverts. Find out more about advertising.

Who’s involved?

EditorDebbie Sadler – Advice manager at Unlock and responsible for collecting and posting contributions

ContributorsDetails of contributors

Interested in getting involved?

Get in touch if you’re interested in contributing

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